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My interview on Channel W : 23 Jan 2013

On the occasion of 10yrs with Wipro

How did you join Wipro and why?

I joined Wipro while changing my stream of career from the environmental and pollution control industry to the IT industry.

Your top achievements in Wipro

I was thrilled to be part of the Task Force that recommended the parameters for building Wipro’s social media platform that you know as myWiproWorld. I also had the opportunity to influence the social media policy of the organization.

People who have mentored you

There are many who have mentored me and at this milestone I must thank them.

Srinath Katte, my first manager in erstwhile Testing Services, for supporting my quick move into a Quality co-ordinators role from a tester.

Shrinidhi Nadumane, a friendly manager who knew my strengths and weaknesses and encouraged me to exploit my strengths with unflinching support while we were part of TeS and later when both of us moved into Knowledge Management. It is in KM we met Ved Prakash, who was the head. Both Ved and Shrinidhi nurtured my creativity in the various initiatives in KM. Specifically they let me work and provided great support as we build the social media application on Knet. What was great about this KM team was it had the right environment for people from mixed backgrounds we worked together to build this team that is now famous for winning the MAKE award year on year and in all three categories this year!

Each team member helped me learn more. Sunil Kanoor with whom I work now taught me something incredible, to solve problems and find solutions like we play a video game, upping the level each time. This advice helped me set up the new Managed Services team for KM (KMS) this year.

What does Wipro mean to you?

Wipro to me is a habitat. It has been 10 years since I have grown and enjoyed my work here. I hoped to flourish in this organization and I have.

Your success mantra

I am enjoying what I do. My work is powered by sincerity and hard work.

Candid corner 

Your hobbies

I love to blog and have been blogging for more than six years now. I write about food, culture, especially my Koli culture, pets, a green lifestyle, travel and work, Ok that’s everything under the sun that touches my life! I love crafts and arts. Since May 2012, I have started learning Bharatiya Shashtriya Sangeet and Marathi Sugam Sangeet.

Your favorite holiday destination

I am a traveler at heart. Doing the depths of India as of now have done 2400 km in Andhra Pradesh, 1100 kms in Kerala, 90% of Goa, 80% of Karnataka, Some of North East, Bengal, UP, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu and my own home state of Maharashtra.

So you see only occasionally I have gone back to a place again so cannot call any one place as a favorite holiday destination. Yet I keep going back to my ancestral home and virgin beach in Thal, Alibag, Maharashtra. It’s my favorite and it’s not yet on a conventional holiday destination map and I hope it stays that way!

Your inspiration

The goodness in life and it’s malleability to make it better every day. On the work front Umair Haque, the London-based consultant, author and economist for his take on doing business with humanity.

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